Sleep is our craft. We create a wide variety of fine products
that will enhance your sleeping experience.

Think Outside the Bed

There is more to a good night’s rest than a quality mattress.
Everything around your bed impacts your sleep, from your
bed frame up to your pillows. Our comprehensive product
lines complement any mattress and will refresh your sleep.


No Compromises

When the founders of the company set out to create affordable luxury, they were determined quality would never be compromised. Malouf® continues to bring value by crafting from the best materials, like cotton grown in Egypt or latex tapped from sustainable rubber trees. We pay attention to the details, and give the same innovative features across all price points.

Demand More from Your Night

You demand more from your day, expect the same from your night. Extensive work hours, caffeine, and electronics have radically changed society and now compete with our sleep. Malouf® gives you more from your night through temperature regulation, motion isolation, and improved traditional materials. We are constantly innovating to create products that will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, helping you to get more from your day.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

We believe that sleep is the foundation for wellness, and a better night’s rest will empower your day. It’s as simple as
that - sleep well, live better.