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Introducing the Z Triple Layer Down Premium Pillow

Premium down with supportive inner core and natural cover

The luxurious experience of down pillows has been savored for centuries. Their plump and full shape adds instant appeal with a promise of comfort. But it’s the tactile softness that creates the real allure. Filled with plush down clusters and a unique feather support core, you’ll find the Z™ TripleLayer™ Down Premium Pillow is the stuff of dreams.

Z Triple Layer Pillow

90% down encasement

Enjoy the luxurious feel of 90% down and 10% feathers in the top and bottom pillow layers.

support core

The unique inner core offers a blend of 90% feathers and 10% down for better support.

100% cotton cover

The 100% unbleached, undyed cotton cover is finished in a crisp, breathable percale weave.

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Triple Layer Canvas
Down To Earth

We believe in principled processes that make a difference. With responsibly sourced down, an unbleached and undyed natural cotton cover, and a reusable self-fabric package, this pillow lets you rest easy.

In addition, the Malouf Foundation will donate $5 to support survivors of child sex trafficking for every TripleLayer™ Down pillow purchased. Learn more about the Malouf Foundation >

Triple Layer Pillow

Triplelayer™ Down

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