The H2Pro® membrane is a barrier with microscopic pores that allow air passage while blocking larger molecules like liquids, viruses, bacteria, dust mites and allergens.

This creates a liquid proof, noiseless, and breathable barrier, and is independently lab certified as completely dust mite proof.


Micro Tite

The patented Encase® mattress protector provides ultimate protection that is sealed with the Micro Tite™ enclosure.The Encase® features a full zipper, and the Micro Tite® overlaps itself in order to close any gap that might be made from where the zipper ends meet. We created a full enclosure to easily remove the top for laundering.



Omniphase™ phase changing fabric absorbs, stores and releases heat as needed to create a comfortable sleeping climate in hot or cold conditions. Whether you’re hot or cold, Omniphase™ smart material will help maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.



Tencel® moisture-wicking fabric absorbs and dries quickly, keeping you comfortable while you sleep. Tencel® botanical fiber is extracted from raw wood using a sustainable closed loop system.

This unique fiber produces a moisture control fabric that is extremely effective and environmentally friendly. Tencel® is an exceptionally strong fiber, and is more durable and easier to maintain than most cottons.



Wool is naturally springy, resilient, fire resistant and temperature regulating, making it the perfect textile for bedding. In addition to being pure and renewable, wool is naturally hypoallergenic.


Wool’s porous fibers allow moisture to evaporate quickly for excellent temperature regulation. It is highly breathable, with innate insulation properties that allow it to warm to body temperature but not overheat. Despite its reputation as a cold weather material, wool creates a soft sleep surface that is warm in the winter and refreshingly cool and dry in the summer.