Our exclusive Dough® memory foam formula is more responsive, supportive, and has a slower recovery time than typical memory foams. Each Dough® pillow is individually molded as opposed to cut, allowing it to more effectively conform to your weight and pressure. The inherent nature of our Dough® memory foam allows for individualized comfort as it forms to your natural shape, giving support where you need it most.


Memory foam's ability to reduce pressure points and eliminate sleeping pains are the primary reasons for its widespread popularity. Our Dough® memory foam is created through an open-cell structure that responds to body heat. This structure collapses when it is warmed to your body temperature, curving to your pressure and unique shape. This is how memory foam is able to perfectly support sensitive body joints.


Latex is renowned for its soft, springy feel that offers superior pressure relief and eliminates sleeping pain. Latex instantly responds to your movements, molding to your individual sleeping comfort then bouncing back as you change positions. Latex and memory foam, although similar, differ in a few key ways. Latex is more breathable, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature. Sleeping on latex means you are sleeping on top of the foam, eliminating the enveloping sensation of memory foam. Latex is naturally mildew proof and dust mite resistant, making it one of the most hypoallergenic and comfortable pillow materials available.

Z® Gel

Called Z® Gel, our liquid gel layer captures and dissipates body heat for a cool sleep experience. The Z® Gel layer extends across a wide surface area reaching to the edge of the pillow for more cooling on the head and neck.


Gelled Microfiber

Gelled Microfiber is a hypoallergenic solution for the traditional feel of down. This filling consists of silicon coated strands that mimic the feel of down. These siliconized strands slip past each other to create a uniform, moldable fill.

Gelled Microfiber offers all the benefits of a down pillow without the inconsistent feel, allergens and annoying feathers. Unlike down, the filling will not clump, flatten or go limp over time.


Two-Sided Comfort

Two technologies have strategically been integrated into one pillow for more choices while you sleep. We understand that many people switch positions while they sleep, and the type of pillow you need changes with each sleeping position.

Our two-sided pillows create a unique combination that can’t be found anywhere else, giving the best of both worlds.



Zoned Technology provides specialized neck support by creating two comfort zones. The center of the pillow has large pin-core holes to allow your head to sink into the pillow for optimal comfort while the outside of the pillow uses smaller holes to support your neck and correctly align your spine. This zoned design has the added benefit of increased airflow.



Our cooling Z® gel formula is infused into memory foam, called Gel Dough®. Ideal for relief from pressure and heat to ensure a comfortable night's rest. It also provides greater support than traditional memory foam. As the memory foam cell structures collapse from body heat, the gel beads disperse that heat and simultaneously provide the support lacking from the collapsed cells.