Egyptian Cotton

We are proud to supply 100% authentic Egyptian cotton linens. Superior to most other fibers because of its extra-long staple, Egyptian cotton is able to be woven more finely without sacrificing its strength. This creates a softer, more durable fabric that is resistant to pilling.

We only make our Egyptian cotton sheets from single-ply threads, meaning we use the long-staple Mother Nature created to weave luxurious sheets. The long-staple is most predominantly found in cotton actually grown in Egypt.


However, because of the extra cost and effort of obtaining Egyptian cotton, many manufacturers will twist two pieces of cotton together to mimic the long-staple. The quality simply isn’t the same, and these sheets tend to unravel quickly, which is why we only use single-ply threads for weaving. After our sheets are woven, the finished linen is then mercerized- a process used to strengthen the fibers, hold the color more effectively, and give a more lustrous appearance and softer hand.


The universal fit design is sewn with deep pockets and an ultra-thick, full-length elastic that pulls the fitted sheet tight and produces a secure, smooth fit that feels like the sheets have been freshly placed on the bed each night. The deep pockets make it easy to place the fitted sheet and the durable elastic holds the sheet in place so that it won’t slip off. Malouf’s premium Woven™ sheets fit mattress depths from 6” – 22”, and standard Woven™ sheets fit mattresses from 6” – 18”.



World-class flax fibers grown in France create ultra-soft linen sheets with a classic style and light, airy comfort. Pure linen fabric is soft, breathable and extremely durable. Linen’s strength is twice that of cotton, and its ability to absorb moisture is remarkable. This natural textile improves your sleep by keeping you fresh, dry and cool.


Linen dresses a bed in comfort and practicality. Vintage washed for a relaxed, casual style and broken-in softness, linen bedding gets smoother and suppler over time.


Rayon from Bamboo creates a silky-smooth fabric that stays cool to the touch and wicks moisture away from the body to help maintain a neutral temperature. The fibers in this beautiful, well draping fabric are ideal for anyone seeking an incredibly soft surface. It is also perfect for individuals with sensitive skin. Rayon from bamboo is durable against pilling, is naturally absorbent, and is inherently luxurious.

Italian Linen

Luxury sheets start with the purest and best cotton and end with hand finishing from masterful artisans. Italian Collection sheets are crafted in the mountains of Northern Italy from pure Egyptian cotton, the finest, longest staple of all cotton fibers. Long cotton fibers are woven into extra-fine strands to produce light, cool sheets that are extremely soft and supple with a distinctive luster.


Renowned Italian artisans weave, sew and fit sheets with unwavering attention to detail, finishing them with gorgeous drawn thread hemstitching. The result is top-of-the-line bedding with a classic look and lasting comfort.


Very fine fibers are woven into a thin, light fabric that is remarkably strong and exceptionally smooth to create microfiber sheets. This beautifully basic bedding is wrinkle, stain, fade and shrink resistant for lasting style.


Because the fibers are very tightly woven, microfiber sheets are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. This light fabric made with a breathable weave that improves airflow to prevent overly-warm sleep temperatures. Known for its incredible softness, microfiber has a double-brushed finish that makes it softer than most cotton.


Tencel® moisture-wicking fabric absorbs moisture and dries quickly, keeping you comfortable while you sleep. Eco-friendly Tencel® botanical material is extracted from farmed trees in a sustainable closed-loop process to release smooth, even fibers perfect for bedding fabrics.


Sheets made from Tencel® fabric are cool, silky and exceptionally strong. A flawlessly smooth hand makes them ideal for those with sensitive skin or exquisite taste.