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Tri-support System

Bed frames most commonly fail from the legs buckling under pressure, something even the strongest steel can’t prevent. We engineered the patented Tri-support System™ to solve this issue.

Its unique leg support system withstands pressure from all angles with a strong three-point connection, upgrading the tensile strength of any bed frame using the brace. The Tri-support System™ proves our attention to detail in creating and implementing solutions to product problems.


Upgraded castor wheels

Our castor wheels have the sturdiest design possible. The newly upgraded wheels have a 1.5" metal reinforced wheel, compared to most competitors' plastic or 3/4" wheel.

Along with the increased wheel size and metal reinforcements, the strength of the wheel comes from the exactly centered leg that allows the entire wheel to hold the weight. Most bed frames attach the leg at an angle, putting pressure on just one side, often causing the bed frame to fail.



With a wide 3" base, these metal reinforced glides are strategically constructed to handle the increased pressure of today's heavier mattresses.

Metal reinforcements are placed where the weight comes to a point, then high-impact plastic diffuses the weight from that point to the floor. This provides extra support and prevents scratching or denting on your hardwood floors.


Stronger Steel

Stronger steel creates sturdier bed frames. We use high manganese content steel in every frame to maximize strength and durability.

Manganese is known for its high impact strength and scratch resistance. Forging steel with a higher percentage of manganese creates a quality bed frame that resists wear from impact to ensure longstanding strength and stability.