Malouf Unveils New Tech for Adjustable Bases, Automated Retail Sales Associate App

LOGAN, Utah—This week at New York Home Fashions Market, Malouf announced the launch of their new app, Malouf RSA. An automated experiential sales tool for adjustable bases, Malouf RSA is the latest tech advancement designed by Malouf’s in-house software development team. The app doesn’t require a retail sales associate, ideal for customers who want a self-guided experience or don’t want to interact with sales people.

“Adjustable bases are a huge opportunity for our retail partners, and the app is a way for customers to fully experience a base. We developed this app to help customers learn about all the health benefits and feel how comfortable they can be sleeping elevated,” said Mike Douglas, vice president of sales for Malouf, of the app. “We want this app to be the ultimate retail shopping experience, where customers can touch, feel, and interact with the display.”

Designed to increase in-store interaction with adjustable bases, the app connects to a base via Bluetooth and guides customers through the adjustable bed base experience. It’s interactive, evaluating customers’ individual health problems and sleep preferences.

Then, assisted by voiceover, captions, and video, customers are guided through the benefits of sleeping with an elevated head, raised feet, and in the Zero Gravity position. The experience ends with a final comfort review. It helps prescribe aspects of sleeping elevated to alleviate customers’ identified problems and support their preferences. Finally, they are given free rein to explore for themselves.

Malouf planned the release of the app at New York Market as a preview for some of their biggest clients. Douglas said, “The goal for this app is to create an assisted sale in an unassisted environment. We’re confident it will increase attachment rates or help open a new category for mass market retailers.”

About Malouf

A leader in the furniture and bedding industry, Malouf offers a wide range of innovative products including pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, bed frames, mattress toppers, and adjustable bed bases. Malouf products are available in over 12,000 retail partner locations in the U.S. and its growing international team now serves over 20 countries. Known for its commitment to quality, pricing, and service, Malouf continues to expand its vertical integration capabilities to better serve its customers. Malouf was founded in 2003 by Sam and Kacie Malouf and is headquartered in Logan, Utah. To learn more, visit