Our products offer great comfort and sleep. Our people share their  talents, time and dedication to the communities where we live and work.

Bringing comfort to the homes of breast cancer patients

Inspired by the stories of friends and family that have been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, we wanted to do something that had a personal affect on those women and families who have faced this challenge.

On the surface, the comfort kit is a simple package full of pampering things - pillows, PJs, lotion, caps. At it's heart, it's our sincere endeavor to bring a glimmer of hope and a bit of comfort and support to those with breast cancer.

annual comfort kit event

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comfort kits created

A group of employees and families volunteered their time to build comfort kits for every breast cancer patient in Utah.


products donated

We are grateful for partners and businesses that graciously donated thousands of items to fill the comfort kits


combined volunteer hours

Employees and community members gathered to spend a day filling boxes and creating hand-written notes.


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      Culture of giving

      It is a rewarding work experience to give of our time, resources and talents to those who need our support.


      Each year, we give thousands of pillows and other products to help non-profit and community organizations.


      We are a proud to support events that build strong ties with our customers through  meaningful experiences.

      other charities we support