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August 23, 2016 - Products

Wrap Around - Product Focus

Sleep Better With Specialty Pillows

For some people, finding the perfect sleep position means pulling out all the stops - and all the pillows - One under the head, one behind the back, one between the legs. Sleepers with sciatica problems, pain issues or women who are expecting are in need of good sleep and a good solution to the multiple pillow problem. To find a comfortable sleep position, you may find people shopping for a more supportive mattress or a mattress topper. Another great solution is a specialty pillow that offers different areas of support, like extra hip and back support, in one accommodating pillow. Our suggestion - the Wrap-Around pillow. 

Z™ Wrap-Around Pillow

  • Ergonomic C-shape design fits the shape of the body for customized support 
  • Takes the place of up to six standard pillows 
  • Soft support for the head, neck, back, belly, hips, and legs
  • Breathable Gelled Microfiber® fill 
  • Cozy rayon from bamboo cover is removable and washable 

Purchase your own wrap around pillow here. Retailers can log in to the Wholesale Resource Center to learn more and order for your stores.