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February 11, 2014 - News

What Happened in Vegas

Last July we jumped into the Las Vegas Market with our first permanent space; six months later, we now have three other permanent spaces, a handful of talented new hires, and several exciting new products that are impacting the bedding industry. Last summer we were caught off guard by the massive traffic our showroom had in its first market. We came prepared this time with more giveaway travel pillows and almost the entire staff of Malouf™. Nearly all the office workers found themselves closing shop early to head to the City of Lights, most with a travel pillow (Z™ Dough® Neck was mine if you’re wondering) and Indiana Jones.

This market was even more successful than last July’s show had been. Sleep Tite’s™ upgraded interactive display was a great drawing point that really helped sell our newest mattress protector. Buyers were excited by our game-changing Wool Tite™ mattress protector.

Of course, the wall displaying our Z™ Pillows is what really stole the show. Companies were impressed with the sheer number of SKU’s that we have, and all of the different densities we offer to make a perfect fit for any sleeper. Another striking display was the Bed in a Bag, which was an entire bed hung on a wall. We got a great response and have heard a lot of retailers are planning to use the Bed in a Bag as a promotional piece in their stores.

The tradeshow was littered with famous people and we even had a few celebrity sightings. Michael Amini and Jane Seymour had the entire floor above us, so we got a peek at their fog and laser show. The CrossFitters in our office got pretty excited to meet Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, who was nice enough to let them take pictures with her.

Another major highlight of the trip was being able to meet and mingle with our representatives. Of course, it also helped that this happened over an amazing eighteen course meal at Jaleo’s. Yes, it was a lot of food, but served in small enough portions that we could still walk by the end of it. We sampled delicious courses all evening like liquefied green olives, a lobster and pomegranate salad, roasted suckling pig, and endives with almonds and sheep cheese. I think the company is in general agreement that the craziest thing there was a mini ice cream cone filled with goat cheese and a (strawberry?) jam. Overall the meal was to die for, but we definitely got introduced to some interesting foods.

All in all it was a great opening weekend for Malouf™. Most of the team headed back to Logan on Sunday, but the show continued until Friday. We’re already planning new releases for the next show, so be sure to check us out in July. In the meantime, read about our adventures in Heimtexil.