This St. Patrick's Day, Sleep Better on Something Green

14 March 2019

Rest easy and wake up refreshed with our Peppermint Zoned Dough® Pillow. Plush, curve-conforming Dough® memory foam is infused with real peppermint oil for natural relaxation. Peppermint is known to aid in deep, clear breathing and promote clarity of mind.

  • Scent-infused Dough® memory foam
  • Zoned to cradle the head and support the neck
  • Breathable TENCEL™ mesh cover
  • 3-milliliter aromatherapy spray included with Queen and King sizes

Peppermint Scent Now Available in 5 Styles

1. Zoned Dough®

2. Shoulder Zoned Dough®

3. Zoned ActiveDough™

4. Travel Zoned Dough®

5. Travel Neck Zoned Dough®

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Happy sleeping!