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January 30, 2014 - News

Take a Peek at the Heimtextil Market

We just returned from our first international tradeshow in Heimtextil, Germany. We were very excited to present our lines at the world’s most prestigious textile tradeshow. Of our four product lines, by far the most popular was Z™ Pillows- they were a huge hit!

This was a big kickoff to our European presence, and we couldn’t have been more pleased by the turnout we received. At the market, we were able to retain our first sales representative in Europe. We were also able to connect with buyers from over forty countries throughout Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia. Unfortunately, Antarctica’s representatives weren’t able to make the flight.

There were a few lessons learned- we realized we need to dress a lot nicer to match our European counterparts, and next year we’ll be sure to reserve a space 4x the size. We were so excited to show the all new Wool Tite™, our newest addition to the Sleep Tite™ line. However, it was so impressive that it got stolen the night before the show! So that was a bust, but luckily Z™ was able to still pull in the draw we were expecting. So next year: dress nicer, have a bigger space, and hire security guards.

Of course, our readers should know by now that we always take advantage of the local foods. While in Germany, we tried a few of Julie Andrew’s “Favorite Things” like schnitzel and strudel. It was good, although we didn’t start singing Sound of Music. We also enjoyed pastries, bread, and spatzel.

After our stay in Germany, we headed on to other parts of Europe. We met with our suppliers from Italy (have you checked out our Italian Collection yet?), Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, and Spain.

Our favorite stops were in Italy and Austria. In Italy, we dined on a mountaintop restaurant at the foothills of the Swiss-Italian Alps. Marlena, the 62 year-old owner/ chef/ waitress/ dishwasher mesmerized us with entirely homemade fair- pastas, risotto, tiramisu, and apple pie.

Take a look at some of these pictures of our space in Heimtextil, and the food and sights we enjoyed in Europe.

Would you have tried the Tuna Tartare?

In Austria, we stopped to tour Lenzing where one of our most innovative mattress protectors is being made. Get excited, but we’ll wait to reveal this new product. (How did these goofy guys all end up with such gorgeous and fun wives?)

We had a great time touring our Italian factory. It has breathtaking views since it's right at the base of the Swiss-Italian Alps, and it was so fun to see the work that they do.