November 21, 2018 - Wellness

Stressed This Holiday Season? Try A Nap

With the arrival of the holiday season, we will be visiting our families, going to festive activities, and eating delicious foods. It’s a wonderful time of year—but it’s also a busy time of year. And all too often, the hustle and bustle of the holidays leave us feeling exhausted and desperate for a solution.

What makes us so tired during the holidays?

Some experts believe it’s because we are consuming more food than normal, while others suggest it has something to do with the stress that comes with holiday planning. Whatever the reasoning may be, taking a nap is an easy solution for whenever you’re needing a quick pick-me-up. 

3 Types of Naps

  1. Emergency napping: Used to prevent drowsy driving
  2. Habitual napping: Occurs every day at the same time
  3. Planned napping: Scheduled ahead of time

Source: Medical Daily 

3 Health Benefits to Napping

While naps do not compensate for disturbed sleep or lack of sleep, taking a 20-to-30-minute nap has proven to have significant health benefits, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

  1. Increases Your Energy. A busy workday can easily drain our energy levels, which makes it harder for us to focus. Taking a few minutes to unwind can give you that boost you need to complete your daily checklist.
  2. Improves Your Mood. Whenever you have a restless night, it can affect how you approach the next day. Adding a nap to your schedule can help you beat sleep deprivation, so you can tackle your day with confidence.
  3. Reduces Your Stress. Studies have found that napping can reduce the number of stress hormones in your body. This can result in an overall improvement in your productivity and your emotional stability.

While these are proven health benefits, napping is not a treatment for specific health conditions. 

Find the Right Pillow for Your Nap Style

Your pillow can make or break your sleep experience, so you want to find a pillow that will give you plenty of support for a restful slumber.

At Malouf, we have options when it comes to luxury pillows—from our scented ActiveDough™ pillows to our TripleLayer™ Down pillow. Here are a few Malouf pillows that work well with any nap style.

Happy sleeping!