Our Recipe: The Italian Collection

28 June 2013

At the recent Las Vegas Market, we showcased our newest line, The Italian Collection by Malouf.

Malouf Fine Linens® specializes in luxurious bedding, as the Italian Collection reiterates. These sheets are woven from 100% Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is superior to most other sheet materials because of the long-staple. The growing conditions in the Nile River Valley allow cotton to grow into a superior extra-long fiber; that translates to a softer, stronger, longer lasting sheet. While other cottons have long-staples, they are most predominantly found in Egyptian grown cotton. These Egyptian long-staple fibers allow the cotton to be woven more extensively without sacrificing the strength of the cotton, creating a softer and more durable sheet that is resistant to pilling.

Egyptian cotton is renowned for its soft drape, distinctive luster, and amazing durability. Combine the natural benefits of Egyptian cotton with Italian craftsmanship, and you’ll find irresistibly soft sheets to cocoon yourself in and that you can have full confidence of the quality.

To help you understand a little bit more about the Italian Collection, Sam Malouf, Malouf Fine Linen’s CEO and avid Italian sheets lover, has agreed to answer a few questions to help highlight all of the features.

Q: What makes these sheets so amazing?

Sam: The main perk of these sheets is rather obvious, but it's that it’s woven and milled with Italian craftsmanship. The cotton itself was grown in Egypt, which means the sheets are woven from the best material. The Egyptian cotton also allows it to be more extensively and tightly woven, so the percale weave means you end with a crisper and smoother feeling sheet.

Q: What’s the benefit of being made in Italy?

Sam: Linen making has been a big part of the Italian culture for centuries. Put bluntly, they are better stitchers than anyone else in the world; they simply sew, cut, and fit the sheets better. The Italian artisans provide the fit and finish for these sheets which means they were meticulously created for the highest quality available.

Italians have been making sheets for hundreds of years with the finest materials available. Over those years they’ve perfected processes to offer the finest finishing on the planet. They know all of the tricks for a perfect finish, and the immaculate attention to detail ensures you get the best quality and value. They also cut their sheets by hand, to give extra support to the cut edge for a beautiful finish that won’t fray.