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March 28, 2014 - News

Our Move: More Space, Faster Shipping, and Poised for More Growth

We’ve moved our East Coast warehouse to North Carolina! Our warehouse facility in Gretna, Virginia served us well for almost a year, but our tremendous growth rates and huge expansion of inventory forced us to leap out ahead of the growth curve by purchasing a bigger warehouse. We also had a growing need for faster shipments, and having warehouse facilities on both the East and West Coast is key in getting products to our customers quickly.

All these factors led to our decision to open a new warehouse and shipping facility nearby in Lenoir, North Carolina. The new location has expansive 24’ ceilings and additional space to grow into. We currently are filling 55,000 square feet with the finest pillows, sheets, and bedding products on the market. Visiting the new facility is an insomniac’s dream.

In addition to more space, this move has been a great way to streamline our shipping logistics. “In Gretna, many of the trucking companies would only pick up our cargo a few times a week since it was out of the way,” says Rob Malouf, Warehouse Manager. “The building in Lenoir is located close to a major freeway, which will greatly speed up our transit times.” He’s confident that trucks will be able to visit our warehouse more often and get loaded more quickly.

The Lenoir facility also includes newer and more advanced logistics as a distribution center. The extra tall ceilings will allow for a substantial increase in capacity per square foot. With the addition of Lenoir, we now own over 500,000 sq. feet of warehousing space between the East and West Coast, which allows us to continually bring more affordable and luxurious products to our customers.

The move in itself was a huge undertaking. We spent about three months before the move trying to clear out as much product as possible. This means shipping out most of our orders from Gretna and not sending in anything new. By moving day, we still had 58 trailer loads of product that were transferred to Lenoir, which equated to 9 consecutive days of sending out trucks. The move is now complete, and we are poised for the growth that has already taken hold for 2014.