New Zoned Dough Memory Foam Pillow

28 September 2011

Here at Malouf Fine Linens we’ve had an internal debate going for some time about which of our pillows is the best. While all of our pillows are great and have their own strengths, the two front runners have been our Zoned Talalay Latex pillow and the Dough Memory Foam pillow. In an effort to combine their strengths we created the Duo-Foam pillow which is half Talalay Latex, half Dough Memory Foam. The Duo-Foam pillow is amazing, but didn’t meet all the needs we were hoping to fill and as such left the debate roaring strong. Today we have taken a step that will hopefully end the debate forever.

Today we launched the first ever Zoned Dough Memory Foam pillow. That’s right; this pillow is the first of its kind and given how much we all love it, won’t be the last. This pillow marries the benefits of the Zoned Latex pillow and the Dough Memory Foam pillow beautifully. The Z Formula creates a soft doughy memory foam, but with the addition of Zoned Technology, the memory foam is softer and doughier than ever and creates unparalleled support and comfort. In addition to making the memory foam softer and doughier, the Zoned Technology greatly increases air flow and allows the pillow to sleep cool. Another great thing about this pillow is that like the Zoned Latex and Dough Memory Foam pillows, it is available in Queen and King Size, High and Low loft, and Firm and Plush densities. With all those options there is a pillow combination that is perfect for everyone.

If this sounds like the pillow for you, you’re in luck. As a part of the launch of this pillow we will be giving away 5 to our faithful friends and followers. For your chance to win a free Zoned Dough Memory Foam pillow, comment on this blog and let us know what you think.