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June 13, 2014 - Products

New Z Gel Pillows Available Just in Time for Summer

The season of waterparks, family reunions, and snow cones is upon us. While summertime can make for some great fun in the sun, fighting the heat while trying to sleep can quickly eliminate that cheery summer vibe. We now have three new Dough® memory foam pillows with Z™ Gel available for order. Your customers already love our Dough® memory foam pillows, but the addition of our Z™ Gel creates a pillow that provides cooling, comfort, and support.

Gel Dough® Memory Foam Dual Z™ Gel

The new Gel Dough™ Memory Foam Dual Z™ Gel pillow ensures a cool night of rest. The pillow dissipates heat with two liquid Z™ Gel layers placed on top of both sides of the gel infused Dough® memory foam. The unique Gel Dough™ memory foam enhances the liquid Z™ Gel layers by lying between the liquid layers, creating multiple touch points to relieve heat. Open cell technology is used to promote air circulation, creating a softer, cooler pillow regardless of sleep position.

Contour Gel Dough® Z™ Gel

The Contour Gel Dough™ Z™ Gel pillow features a liquid Z™ Gel layer that extends across the entire surface, maximizing the cooling area for ultimate comfort on your head and neck. Most competitors’ liquid layers don’t extend to the seams, removing the cooling effect from where it is most needed- the neck. The Z™ Gel lies on top of our specialized Dough® memory foam that is renowned for its effective qualities of pressure reduction. The cooling Dough® Z™ Gel memory foam is combined with an ergonomic contour design to help relieve pressure points and eliminate sleeping pains.

Gel Convolution

This pillow features convoluted Dough® memory foam infused with Z™ Gel for a cooler sleeping option. The removable gel Dough® core is encased in Gelled Microfiber™, offering three different comfort choices when you sleep on the firm side, convoluted side, or remove the core for an ultra-plush option.

Firm Support- Lying on the flat side of the memory foam gives more support and the best cooling effect. The Dough® memory foam has been molded as opposed to cut, making the pillow more effectively conform to your weight and pressure to help alleviate sleeping pains. Open cell construction makes the pillow more durable and ensures the pillow will maintain its shape.

Soft Support- As you lie on the Gelled Microfiber, you come to rest on the convoluted Dough® memory foam for a plush feel that still has support. The Dough® memory foam will contour to your natural pressure points, giving support that can help relieve sleeping pains.

Ultra-Plush - Simply remove the memory foam core for an ultra-plush, down-like pillow. Resting on the irresistible Gelled Microfiber will give that soft, down-like feel while ditching the allergens, sharp quills, and the smell associated with traditional down pillows. The gel-coated fibers create a consistent filling that won't clump or bunch, and are dust mite resistant.

Tencel Cover- Encasing and protecting the Gel Convolution is a Tencel® cover. Tencel® is a special moisture-wicking fabric that is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen.

Contact now to add our new Z™ Gel pillows to your next Malouf order.