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September 27, 2013 - Products

New Product Alert: Bed in a Bag

One of our most exciting products is finally in! The Bed in a Bag is a bedding essentials kit that’s perfect for in-store promotions. Oh, by the way, the countdown for Black Friday has officially reached two months.

The Bed in a Bag has four main components: two Gelled Microfiber™ pillows, microfiber sheets, and a down-alternative comforter, all in a classic white.

The first component of the kit is two down-alternative pillows. The Gelled Microfiber™ pillows have a super soft feel that will cushion your head and support your spine. The filling can be molded as you sleep for perfect positioning. The Gelled Microfiber™ offers all the benefits of a feather-down pillow without the inconsistent feel, allergens, and sharp quills.

Instead of the inconsistent feel of feathers, the Gelled Microfibers™ slip past each other to create a homogenous, moldable fill. The hypoallergenic microfiber won’t collect the allergens that stay in feathers. Unlike down, the microfiber filling will not clump and doesn't flatten or go limp over time like the sharp quills.

The second component included in Bed in a Bag is a 90g microfiber sheet set. The 100% brushed microfiber fabric is our perfect solution to luxurious and affordable bedding. We brush the microfiber to create a fabric that is softer and more durable than most cotton.

Microfibers are 100 times thinner than a strand of hair, which prevents allergens and dust mites from collecting in the material. The micro-yarn structure produces a soft, breathable weave that is stain and wrinkle resistant. The fully elasticized fitted sheet guarantees a secure fit on mattress depths up to 18 inches.

Completing the set is a lightweight down-alternative comforter. The brushed microfiber shell is so soft that you'll want to wrap yourself into a cocoon and hibernate for the winter.

Filled with gel-coated microfiber, the strands easily slide past each other for a more consistent filling that won't clump or bunch. Our unique box stitching ensures the filling won't shift, helping the comforter to keep its loft and breathability. The corner-stitched loop will tie for a secure duvet cover fit.

The Bed in a Bag is sure to go fast, so place your order today!