New Addition to the Italian Collection

2 June 2014

The Italian Collection has long been one of the highlights of the Woven™ line. It’s tremendous success and popularity has led us to develop an addition to the collection, the 200 TC Sheet Set. This sheet set will be available in white and ivory in all sizes.

Manufactured in the mountains of northern Italy, these 200 TC sheets combine Egyptian cotton with the skilled craftsmanship of Italian artisans. In Italy, linen making has been a cultural anchor for centuries, and their attention to detail transforms already soft fibers into remarkable linens. Simply put, Italians are the best artisans in the world for linen making, and their meticulous fit and finish produces quality and value.

Egyptian cotton is the preferred fiber for Italians to work with because of its long-staple that is able to be woven more extensively without sacrificing its strength. The percale weave creates a crisper and smoother feeling sheet, enhanced by the combed Egyptian cotton. We only make our Egyptian cotton sheets from combed single-ply threads, meaning we use the long-staple Mother Nature created to weave luxurious sheets. The long-staple is most predominantly found in cotton actually grown in Egypt. However, because of the extra cost and effort of obtaining Egyptian cotton, many manufacturers will twist two pieces of cotton together to mimic the long-staple. The quality simply isn’t the same, and these sheets tend to unravel quickly.

The 200 TC Sheet Set is a perfect sheet series to sell with your high-end mattresses. Call now to speak with sales about adding our signature Italian Collection to your showroom. 800.517.7179