December 19, 2019 - Wellness

Millennials Setting the Example for Sustainable Product Choices

Emily Palmer, guest contributor 

Consumers are changing the way they shop. They’re looking for ways to help the environment when they make purchases or investments. 

More than half of the world’s population are willing to spend more for sustainable products. Millennials seem particularly concerned with making purchasing decisions based on the sustainability of products or the social responsibility of corporations. 

Businesses that focus on sustainability look beyond the profit margin to see the effect they have on the planet. Those businesses are more likely to earn the business and loyalty of the millennial generation.

Sustainable products can be found in almost every area of life. Clothing and furniture are the traditional areas that come to mind concerning sustainability. Today, consumers recognize sustainability in areas from automotive to technology to food.

Choosing Sustainable Products 

Sustainable products are produced in ways that have little negative effect on the environment. Natural resources are valued, and conservation is a priority. 

More than half of U.S consumers say they are willing to change their buying habits if they can help the planet by purchasing sustainable goods. More people are making choices based on which items help the planet or are made by companies that use less-than-harmful methods.  

While these products can be more expensive, millennials are willing to pay the extra cost for the good of the planet. Approximately 73 percent of millennials choose to purchase products that are made from sustainable goods.

Starting Simple

Considering the way items are manufactured or researching which companies choose sustainable practices can be a good first step to changing your purchasing habits. 

Becoming an eco-conscious consumer can start with one change. This can be as simple as choosing to change one product that you purchase regularly. 

Sustainability benefits more than the environment. Sustainable products are beneficial for helping people maintain personal health. 

Choosing Sustainable Products for Better Sleep

Purchasing sustainable products can be beneficial to multiple aspects of your life, including your ability to sleep. Products that are considered environmentally friendly are less likely to include harmful chemicals that can affect your health and your ability to rest. 

Opting for sustainable products in the bedroom helps with the reduction of toxic elements your body absorbs while you are sleeping. Everything from your paint to your furnishings to your bedding—including the mattress—can be purchased with the goal of environmental sustainability and personal health. 

Outside your bedroom, choosing furnishings, linens, or even foods from sustainable sources can affect your overall personal health, including your sleep patterns. 

Driving the Desire to be Sustainable

Millennials are leading the drive in the choice to purchase sustainable products.

Why? The simple answer seems to be technology. Most millennials know their way around technology, and shoppers in the United States who choose to purchase sustainable products are more likely to have a firm foundation in the digital age. 

There is a wealth of knowledge literally at their fingertips, and they use that knowledge to help themselves and their environment.

Final Thoughts

The desire to purchase sustainable products and support environmentally-friendly businesses is expected to continue increasing. 

As more people become aware of their environmental impact, it’s expected that they’ll adjust their spending habits accordingly. They’re also expected to continue to share their knowledge with others to increase the population of consumers who value sustainability of life and the planet.