Malouf's History

14 June 2011

After developing a passion for luxury sheets, Sam and Kacie Malouf established Malouf Fine Linens™ in 2003. They quickly discovered the unparalleled hand and quality of Italian made Egyptian cotton linens. Realizing that only a small percentage of bedding customers could even fathom paying over $1000 for a set of sheets, they began manufacturing luxury sheets at an attainable price.

The high standard of quality demanded by the company early on, allowed Malouf Fine Linens™ to quickly be considered a luxury brand. Without compromising in materials or construction, linens have always been meticulously manufactured from Egyptian cotton in thread counts up to 1200.

After finding a niche supplying the mattress and furniture industry, sheets continued to be the brand’s emphasis. With healthy sleep being the goal, mattress and pillow protectors were soon created to combat allergy-causing dust mites and eliminate bed bugs.

Soon to follow was a trend-setting collection of specialty pillows created with materials such as Talalay latex, Dough™ memory foam and Gelled Microfiber™. As the Z™ pillow brand continues formulating new comfort combinations, more pillow designs are created to match up with the endless supply of sleeping preferences.

To round out the full line of bedding accessories, Structures™ bed frames were introduced. The complete collection consists of adjustable, Steelock™ heavy-duty and HighRise™ folding bed frames. Although bed frames are simple in function - extensive engineering, design and testing are performed to ensure the highest quality and performance.

Headquartered in Logan, Utah, the company recently relocated to a new facility suited for their warehouse team, order fulfillment group and customer service department. With discerning quality, marketplace innovation, integrated distribution and lean operating, Malouf Fine Linens™ continues to prove their brand viability.