Malouf Service: We’re Here to Help You

8 May 2019

We recently launched a series of instructional videos that show you how to properly service your Structures™ adjustable bed base. These videos can be viewed 24/7 on the Malouf YouTube channel. From here, you can choose a video based on topic, like how to pair a remote with your adjustable base. Once you select a video, our customer service team walks you through a series of steps for a quick and easy experience.

Similar videos are available for a control box replacement, massage motor replacement, USB hub replacement, and more.

We offer an impressive selection of adjustable bed bases—designed for optimal comfort and support. From the entry-level N150 to the feature-heavy S750, each adjustable base is constructed using advanced technology and innovative design. Shop our complete lineup of luxurious bases.

If you already own a Structures™ adjustable base and have a question or concern about your base, contact our customer experience team, and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.