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August 7, 2013 - News

Las Vegas Market Recap

We had a tremendous success with our first permanent space in the Las Vegas Summer 2013 Furniture Market. If you missed us at the market, don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it here.

At the market we showcased our five brands of Sleep TIte® mattress protectors, Z® specialty pillows, Malouf Fine Linens®, Structures™ bed frames, and Isolus™ mattress toppers. Each of these product lines unveiled an exciting new product at the show.

Sleep Tite™ Display

Sleep Tite® was accompanied by an interactive display. The presentation highlighted the different mattress protectors for a more hands-on learning approach.

This display was specifically designed to bring attention to mattress accessory purchases that are usually left as an add-on sale. We really think the introduction of these kiosks in retail stores will dramatically increase buying rates and improve retailer’s bottom line.

“We think this display will really help to legitimize sales reps as they’re speaking to customers. Customers can visually be presented with the benefits of the different products in the Sleep Tite® line that reinforces what they’re being told by a sales rep,” says Sam Malouf, CEO. “Additionally, the display is a great attraction that customers will love interacting with.” Retailers will be able to have a customizable Sleep Tite® display within six months.

The Aeration™ Pillow

Perhaps one of our most exciting lines is the Z® specialty pillows. We brought 16 new travel pillows and three new bed pillows to the show, of which the Aeration™ was the most popular.

The Aeration™ pillow is filled with polyethylene tubes. The hollowed centers promote airflow and are a hypoallergenic solution with the feel of a traditional buckwheat pillow. The tubes are encased by an inner spandex cover that allows for a flexible fill that will stretch and position to your comfort level. An outer cover is half spandex and half bamboo velour-- the spandex allowing for more flexibility and the bamboo velour allowing for even greater airflow. The addition of these pillows expanded our current pillow line to 121 SKU’s.

We quickly earned a reputation of being the place to go to get a free travel pillow. Mike Douglas, General Manager, think that we gave nearly 1,000 travel pillows away. “We showcased our popular Dough® Travel neck pillow,” he says. “It was a huge hit. You can be sure we’ll be prepared with even more in January.” The orthopedic design and unique Dough® formula creates a soft yet supportive memory foam to keep your neck properly supported while travelling.

The Hotel Collection

Malouf Fine Linens® showcased the 200 TC Hotel Collection and the luxury Italian Collection which were both big hits. We have also created the Bed in a Bag, an all-encompassing bedding product perfect for students moving to college. The Bed in a Bag provides sheets, pillows, and a comforter all in one spot. With these inclusions, our sheet collection now boasts 536 SKU’s.

As you can see, this show was really exciting and a great success for us. Our next stop is Tupelo so look out for us there!