August 5, 2019 - News

Las Vegas Market Highlights: Summer 2019

We enjoyed seeing many of you at Las Vegas Market! Take a walk through our showroom and learn about our exciting new products and other highlights from market.

Malouf® Furniture

By adding timeless furniture pieces by Malouf, you are bringing classic style into your bedroom. You can select a complete designer bed, or mix-and-match pieces to create a bed perfect for your unique lifestyle. 

Anchor™ Weighted Blanket

The Anchor™ Weighed Blanket combines luxury finishes with proven science to ground you in feelings of security, stability, and safety. Studies suggest weighted blankets may create a natural boost in mood, ease stress and anxiety, encourage athletic recovery, and soothe Restless Leg Syndrome. 

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CarbonCool® LT Pillow

We took one of our best-selling pillows and made it even better. Our new CarbonCool® LT Pillow is infused with activated carbon and phase change material for constant temperature regulation and a great night's sleep. 

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A significant portion of every Anchor™ Weighted Blanket and CarbonCool® LT Pillow purchase goes to support the Malouf Foundation

Other Highlights

Attendees tasted a variety of gourmet dishes from the Malouf chefs and experience our new product displays, designed by our interior design team. We also held our fourth bi-annual Forging Freedom event where detective and co-founder of The Demand Project Jason Weis revealed the online paths sexual predators tread to target children. 

Thank You for Another Successful Market

We put our heart into our showroom and the new products we released this market. It wouldn't be possible without our team who put it all together and the support from our customers. We look forward to seeing you next year in our new show space in B1350.