Join us in High Point for a Free Travel Pillow

15 October 2013

Have you heard the news? We are making our debut at the High Point Market this week. At the market, we will be showcasing five line: Z® Pillows, Malouf Fine Linens®, Structures™ Bed Frames, Sleep Tite™ Mattress Protectors, and Isolus™ Mattress Toppers. Come join us in Building IHFC Room M633, Oct. 19-24.

Our showing at the Las Vegas Market this past summer makes us very optimistic about High Point. Says Mike Douglas, general manager, "We showed at our very first trade show at the Las Vegas Market, and our space was filled with activity the whole week. Since we're expanding our distribution in the East, and have grown our sales force from 10 reps to 45, it only makes sense for us to show in High Point, too, making it easy for retailers to shop our growing line." Aiding us in accessing our East coast clients is our new warehouse in Gretna, Virginia. We are also planning to add two more warehouses in the next year, for a total of 600,000 square feet that will allow us to expand our existing lines.

With over 120 SKU’s, Z® has recently developed a line of travel pillows that mimic the most popular Z® Pillows in a compact design. These pillows are designed to bring some rest and relaxation for weary travelers who want the comforts of Z® on the road. Twenty-two different travel pillows are available, including the popular Convolution™, Gel Dough® Memory Foam Z-Gel™, Shredded Talalay Latex, and Gelled™ Microfiber.

All of the pillows are available in a standard travel size, and some are available as a u-shaped neck support or in a contour design. The super-soft covers are made from bamboo velour and are removable for easy laundering. The memory foam pillows feature open cell technology to maximize durability and resiliency.

Come visit us at High Point in building IHFC room M633 to receive your free Z® Gel Dough Memory Foam travel pillow, perfect for your plane ride home.