International Women's Day

7 March 2019

International Women’s Day is observed March 8 to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. At Malouf, we are celebrating the incredible women who continue to play an active role in creating a more diverse workplace. As a company, we value everyone’s contributions, regardless of gender or race.

“Malouf is a great place for women to work…we are treated as equals and are given opportunities to grow,” said one Malouf employee.

“I have never felt discriminated against, and I feel management values my thoughts and opinions…I know I can speak up when/if I need to, and I will be heard,” said another employee.

To continue improving women’s experiences in the office, Malouf employees created Women of Malouf, a group for female employees to build relationships and discuss common goals, needs, and leadership opportunities.

“The majority of leadership positions in this industry are held by men, and we want to shift that,” said Kacie Malouf, co-founder of Malouf. “A woman’s perspective is so crucial, especially since women make up our main customer demographic.”

We are lucky to have an amazing group of women at Malouf, and together, we can create a more balanced world.