April 24, 2014 - News

High Point Market Review

The High Point market coming to a close marks a breather in the tradeshow rush. Once again we showed in our permanent space and saw a lot more traffic this market than we have in the past, evidence of High Point’s anchor point for furniture retailers. If you missed us at High Point, here are three things you should catch up on:

Four Product Introductions:

Zoned Dough Bamboo Charcoal

Our specialized Dough® memory foam is infused with bamboo charcoal for one of the best sleep materials available. Bamboo charcoal is highly absorbent; it takes moisture from humid air then releases it during dry conditions for better temperature regulation. Along with its moisture regulation, bamboo charcoal has superior thermal regulation, perfect as a year round pillow.

The zoned design gives two comfort levels for best support. The center of the pillow has larger holes to provide optimal comfort for your head, while the outside of the pillow uses smaller holes to support your neck and correctly align your spine. These pin-core holes have the added benefit of increased airflow.

Zoned Gel Dough

The Zoned Gel Dough creates the perfect combination of cooling comfort and support. The addition of the zoned technology provides exceptional airflow to make this pillow one of the coolest, most breathable pillows available and will help you get a cooler night's rest.

Contour Z™ Gel

Our specialized Dough® memory foam is combined with a Z™ Gel layer and ergonomic contour design. This pillow is shaped to minimize physical discomfort when sleeping. The design follows the natural shape of your head and neck, curving to support and relieve sleeping pains. The Z™ Gel stretches across the entire top of the pillow for a sleeping surface that will capture your body heat and cool your head and neck.

Five 5ided with Omniphase™ Tencel®

The Five 5ided® Mattress Protector with Omniphase™ Tencel® is the most advanced mattress protector on the market. It incorporates three technologies- Tencel®, Omniphase™, and the H2Pro™ Membrane- to create a moisture-wicking, temperature regulating, and 100% liquid proof mattress protector. The combined benefits of these technologies means you will sleep comfortably and dry with five sides of protection for your mattress.

New Signage Available for Retailers

We debuted our new in-store POP displays which will be available for retailers in 60-90 days. These displays are especially designed to make Malouf products stand out in stores, helping to improve retailers’ bottom lines.

You Can Bet We Ate Well

The favorite meal was at Fire n’ Sticks, a Japanese steak house. Steak and shrimp were the specialties, but Mike L. ended up with half of an entire chicken from his order. A barbecue restaurant called Smokey Bones was also one of the eating highlights.

Generally we try to eat at places we can’t find at home, so since Steak N’ Shake is a quick treat we enjoy when we travel East. Some of the crew made it a point to do nightly runs to Cold Stone, while others opted for a few nights out at a local sports bar where they could eat and catch the last few games of March Madness.

We really enjoyed High Point and the business we received from the market. Now that we have a little bit of break, we’re already prepping for the mad rush we see at the Vegas market in July!

Chris hanging the logo outside of our space

The display for Woven, our sheet line. This display helps to highlight the huge variety of colors and materials that we offer.

Mike L. walking customers through our pillow line, Z.