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October 30, 2017 - Products

Have You Heard? Our Headboards Are stealing The Show

After only seven months on the market, our headboards have seen astronomical success. Our dealers have put them to work in many stunning ways and customers love the simple and elegant look that adds class to any room. Here are some impressive features and uses that have others like you raving about our headboards. For the store: * Finished on the front and back so they can be used with any mattress on your showroom floor * Two styles and colors * Linen-like fabric finish looks great * Ties a showroom together without much effort * No need to hold stock because we can ship straight to your customer For the customer: * An easy add-on for anyone buying a mattress * Looks great with any bed and gives every home a completed look. * Fits adjustable and platform bases to be compatible with most any bed * Easy to put together * Light enough to be shipped by UPS

The Scooped Square Tufted Headboard presents elegant lines for a soft, streamlined feel in your bedroom. Bring this look home to create the sophisticated style of 17th Century Europe—with a decidedly modern edge. This headboard also features geometric buttonless tufting and is upholstered with linen-inspired fabric.

The Rectangle Diamond-Tufted Headboard brings a fresh yet timeless style to your bedroom decor. Upholstered with linen-inspired fabric, this headboard also features geometric buttonless tufting. The Rectangle Diamond-Tufted Headboard presents a contemporary shape while adding height and dimension to a room.

Headboards create a pleasing aesthetic to your sleep space and serve as a focal point for your bedroom. Make sure to pick one that matches your style. Shop our full range of headboards here.