September 22, 2020 - Products

Fall Refresh: 7 Unexpected Things You Can Do to Prepare for Autumn

Fall is the time to pull out boots and sweaters while you tuck into bread pudding and pumpkin spice everything. In this transitional season, it’s also time to prepare your home for chillier weather and cozier nights in. Here are some professional tips to prepare your bedroom for autumn.

Check your comforter’s vitality

Down comforters are the coziest option for colder temperatures and fall is a great time to make sure yours is still performing at its best. Check if it needs to be replaced by holding your comforter up to a light or window and look at the compartments to make sure each is still full of down. If it’s looking a little low on down, you should invest in a new comforter for colder nights.

Try aromatherapy pillows

Fall is so much about the scents, so a great way to refresh your space for fall is with pillows infused with the scents of the season. We recommend this pillow infused with sweet-smelling chamomile to set the autumn mood in your bedroom.

Use the right sheets

Summer nights mean cool sheets, but brisk fall air calls for something a little warmer. We recommend brushed microfiber sheets that are moisture-wicking and retain warmth for comfortable fall sleeping.

Clear things out

Unfortunately, you aren’t going to be needing those shorts and sandals quite so often. Free up space in your closet by removing items you won’t be using for a while. We recommend investing in underbed storage to make the most of your space. (Underbed storage is also a great place to store those extra blankets.)

Invest in throw blankets

Fall can be a weird transition from hot days to cold ones back to hot again. To avoid toggling between air conditioning and heat, save yourself money in the long run by investing in some cozy throw blankets. You should have enough to keep your bed warm and to wrap around yourself while enjoying some new fall shows.

Warm up your palette

Set the autumn mood by adding fall accents to your palette. Try switching out your sheets and pillowcases for a cozy brown or a golden yellow.

Switch out your headboard

A fun way to make a dramatic change between seasons is to switch out your headboard. At Malouf, our headboards can attach to different bases, making them ideal for mixing and matching.