Employee Spotlight: Shauna Spencer

25 June 2014

We have recently hired an in-house interior designer, Shauna Spencer, who will be primarily responsible for upgrading the look and flow of our permanent showrooms in Las Vegas, Tupelo, New York, and High Point. We plan to add a new level of hospitality and entertainment to our showrooms by encouraging interaction and offering a bar area for customer’s to relax.

Shauna has been working in high-end residential design for five years, and is welcoming the challenge of transitioning to commercial design. Her skillset creates the perfect marriage to amplify our look and feel on the showroom floor.

“A major goal of our new showroom designs is to promote more hands-on interaction,” says Shauna. “Malouf creates high value products and we want consumers to be able to physically feel the quality of our materials. One way to implement more hands-on interaction is by putting the pillow line, Z™, on pedestals so customers can interact freely with them.”

In addition to an overarching upgrade to the showrooms, Shauna’s other responsibilities include styling photo shoots, designing custom bedding options, and assisting with the look of new products. Shauna will also be working on our new office building, which is planned to open in 2015.

“I can’t begin to express how excited I am to be expanding my career into commercial design and to be working at Malouf,” said Shauna. “It is wonderful to work for a company that lets me fully explore my creative side. Many companies would not have the insight to hire an interior designer. Sam [Malouf’s CEO] is forward thinking, and decisions like this will continue to leverage exponential growth.”

Our sudden explosion of growth come mostly because of our culture of creativity and innovation. Our problem solving mentality has led to the discovery of problems in other products and developing solutions in our own. Combined with our integrated distribution and lean operating, we’re very excited about what the future holds for us.