7 Reasons to See the New Wool Tite

27 February 2014

We’re excited to be heading to the Minneapolis Furniture Market Wholesale Furniture Show in Red Wing, Minnesota. This show, Sleep Tite™ will be introducing the new Wool Tite™ Liquid Proof Mattress Pad. This temperature regulating mattress pad keeps you comfortable and dry while you sleep. So if you’re planning on going to Red Wing, here are seven reasons why the new Wool Tite™ makes Malouf™ a destination point at the show:

  1. Mattress Pad AND Protector
  2. Wool Tite™ is the ultimate hybrid of two essential mattress benefits, the pad and protector. It offers the increased comfort of a mattress pad, yet adds the allergy and stain protection of a high quality protector on five sides of your mattress.

  3. Thermo Regulation
  4. Despite a bad rap from wool suits and clothing, wool is not a hot fiber. It is one of nature’s most efficient insulators, meaning it keeps you warm when it’s cold or cool when it’s warm.

  5. Great Air Flow
  6. The insulating benefits of wool have never been a secret. After all, that’s what animals use to keep cool or warm. Wool fibers are crimped, and when tightly packed together, form millions of tiny pockets of air. This breathable structure allows it to absorb and release moisture without compromising its thermal efficiency or ever feeling wet, making it a perfect pair for memory foam mattresses.

  7. Backed with the H2Pro™ Membrane
  8. We take the natural benefits of wool and pair it with the H2Pro™ Membrane. The H2Pro Membrane™ allows air passage but blocks liquid, creating a completely liquid proof but breathable layer. The wool and H2Pro™ combine to protect the top and sides of your mattress- essential for protection against bedwetting, spills, or vomiting.

  9. Hypoallergenic
  10. Wool is antimicrobial and attracts less dust than synthetic materials, making it extremely hypoallergenic. Wool will resist dust mites; exposure to dust mites has been proven to lead to the development of asthma in young children, is a common trigger for asthmatics, and is a leading cause of eczema.

  11. Universal Fit Elastic
  12. Wool Tite™ is designed in a fitted sheet style and is accompanied by the universal fit elastic, ensuring a secure fit for mattress depths of 6”-22”.

  13. 15 Year Warranty
  14. We're so confident in Wool Tite™ that we gladly offer a 15 year warranty. If care instructions are followed properly, Wool Tite™ won't break down over time as many other protectors do.

Wool Tite™ is one of the many products we will be featuring at the wholesale furniture show next week. Come by and visit us to find out more about our full and comprehensive bedding accessory lines: Z™ Pillows, Malouf Fine Linens®, Structures Bed Frames, and Sleep Tite™ Mattress Protectors.

Contact our sales department today to set up an appointment or get more information at orders@malouffinelinens.com