July 16, 2019 - Design, products

3 Ways to Decorate the Area Above Your Bed

For many of us, a bed is much more than a place to sleep—we spend hours lounging, reading, watching TV, and spending time with our loved ones. You want your bedroom to feel like a safe and personalized place to spend your time. If your bedroom is feeling bare, it might be due to the empty space you have above your bed. Here are a few of our favorite ways to decorate this space for a customized look and feel.

1. Headboards

The right headboard pulls your bedroom together and immediately adds focus to your bed. An upholstered headboard is a popular option because it’s comfortable to lean against and gives the bed a finished look. Our Rectangle Diamond Tufted Upholstered Headboard brings a fresh yet timeless style to your bedroom.

For something with more style impact, choose a headboard with a curvy upper edge for a soft, streamlined feel in your bedroom. Our Scooped Square Tufted Upholstered Headboard is the perfect statement piece and features elegant lines with a decidedly modern edge.  

2. Art and Décor

Art and wall decor work well in most spaces. Consider the size of your bedroom and play around with different arrangements and decorative pieces. According to interior design firm Studio McGee, “Using decorative objects like hanging banners, pendants, and horns above your bed creates dimension. This is the easiest way to show off your personality in your space.” Find décor pieces that fit your personal style and use them to fill the area above your bed.  

According to an article on Apartment Therapy, “Art pieces that mimic the horizontal headboard and contrast nicely with the darker colored wall can draw focus to your bed.” You can choose one large art piece or multiple same-sized pieces to add visual dimension and depth to your wall. 

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3. Shelves

Placing shelves above your bed is a game-changer for small spaces—with or without a headboard. Not only can they provide additional storage, but you can decorate them with items that express your personality. Not to mention it’s easy to swap out décor pieces for a quick refresh!  

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Other Helpful Tips

  • If you have a smaller bedroom or your bed is placed under a window, add curtains to visually widen the window and allow natural light to enter your space. 
  • Add a mirror above your bed to bring in extra light and help make your space feel bigger.
  • Create an art gallery above your bed to draw more attention to your sleep space.for neutral art pieces if you want your bedroom to feel more peaceful. Studio McGee has a great blog post on decorating with a gallery wall. 
  • Get creative with other decorative pieces like textural baskets, tapestries, or other wall hangings for different textures and looks.Macramé wall hangings are trending right now and can be found in a variety of colors and styles.

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Whether you opt for a simple headboard or an elaborate art piece above your bed, make sure you select art and décor pieces that make your bedroom feel like a safe haven. By implementing these design tips, you can make a big difference to your space and refresh the feel of your room, effortlessly.