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How to find the right pillow for you

19 July 2011

We wanted to write a series of blog posts on pillows (like we did on sheets) helping our customers know what to look for / expect from a quality specialty pillow. There are a number of topics that we could discuss including loft, density, proper spine and neck alignment and recommended pillow materials. But the fact is, pillows are a highly subjective topic and preference is really the final decision maker. That’s why the following post will give you an overview of which pillow might be right for you.

Selecting the right pillow is all about finding a pillow that is both comfortable and gives your neck and head the support you need. To find the right pillow there are a few factors that need to be considered:

  • 1. Your sleeping position
  • 2. Your mattress density
  • 3. Your body type

The first thing to look at is your sleeping position. The most common types are stomach sleepers, back sleepers, side sleepers and multi-positional sleepers. As you may have guessed, each sleeping position benefits from certain characteristics in a pillow. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • Stomach Sleepers – You’ll want something thin and soft that supports your head without misaligning your spine and causing you discomfort the next day. You’ll probably do best with a low loft plush pillow.
  • Back sleepers – Similar to a stomach sleeper, you’ll want to find something that gives you the right support, while being comfortable. Because most back sleepers rest part of their upper shoulders on their pillow, you have a few more options. You could use a low loft firm or a high loft plush pillow.
  • Side sleepers – This is where the other two things to consider really come into play. How firm or soft your bed is, and what body type you have largely determines what type of pillow will be best for you. If for instance you are 6’2” and have a firm bed and broad shoulders, you’d want to find a pillow with high loft and with enough firmness that you’re spine is straight while you sleep. If you have a very soft bed and you’re 5’2” with small shoulders you’d want to use either a plush high loft pillow or a firm low loft pillow.
  • Multi-positional sleepers – The right pillow for you depends on which positions you sleep in. The most common are back/side sleepers. The best pillow for you is a two-sided pillow. These aren’t very common but they do exist. Two-sided pillows offer a firm and a plush side so that when you’re on you’re back you can use the soft side and when you move onto your side you can flip your pillow and use the firm side. I know a lot of you probably doubt the likelihood of flipping a pillow in your sleep, but we’ve had dozens of customers tell us that their body has learned to do it while they’re fast asleep.

Now these suggestions aren’t scientific in nature or guaranteed to be what you’ll like. Again, in the end, it all comes down to what you prefer and what makes you feel the most comfortable. Hopefully this blog post will point you in the right direction.